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Didier Lopes

Founder & CEO

There are 2 key moments that lead to OpenBB being the company it is today. The first was the moment I made the repository public, the second was meeting JJ and OSS Capital.

Didier Lopes, OpenBB

Mayank Chhabra

Founder & CEO

If I were starting a new COSS venture today, I would always want JJ and OSS Capital to be our lead investor. They've been an incredibly helpful and strategic partner from the get-go.

Mayank Chhabra, Umbrel

Peer Richelsen

Founder & CEO

Talking to JJ about open source is like drinking from a fire hose. He is a fast moving, intelligent, empathetic investor who wants the entire open source industry to win. A true evangelist. JJ and the OSS Capital team is a must-have on the capable for any COSS company

Peer Richelsen, Cal.com

Gabriel Engel

Founder & CEO

Working with JJ is nothing short of electrifying. His deep knowledge about open source business strategies and his energy for supporting the founders to eat the competition is so crucial for a founder's journey.

Gabriel Engel, Rocket.Chat

Liyas Thomas

Founder & CEO

JJ has been a great mentor, a genuinely committed partner to our team, and a good friend. He understands early-stage COSS companies and gets personally involved by providing direct support in navigating through the critical early challenges. JJ and his team at OSS Capital were particularly helpful to me in opening doors: he has a strong network and understood the value proposition we had to offer to potential customers.

Liyas Thomas, Hoppscotch

Sascha Mojtahedi


OSS is committed to the values of open source software which aligns strongly with the transparency and community development of blockchain - we immediately understood one another and we are honoured to call them our partner on this journey to build the Parallel world and game.

Sascha Mojtahedi, Parallel

Michael Jackson

Co-founder & CEO

OSSC have been fantastic partners to work with on Remix. They have a deep appreciation for and understanding of how open source works and how COSS companies are built. We feel very fortunate to be working with JJ and his team.

Michael Jackson, Remix

Naveen Rudrappa

Founder & CEO

JJ is one of the most genuine OSS missionaries that a founder should have by their side. An early believer. Helped open so many doors for us. Is just an amazing partner to work along with - NocoDB couldn't have been the same without JJ & their ever so helpful team. More power to OSS Capital.

Naveen Rudrappa, NocoDB

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