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Open source software eats everything.

OSS Capital invests exclusively in early-stage Commercial Open-Source Software (COSS) companies. If a given company heavily relies on and/or builds upon an OSS project as the fundamental building block justifying its existence, that company is definitionally a COSS company.

Our Three Strategic 15-Year Goalsshape 3

  • Mass knowledge-transfer.

    OSS Capital's uniquely focused Equity Partner network serves to transfer aggregate wisdom from the last decades founders of 40+ most successful COSS companies to the next generation of COSS founders. OSS Capital is backed and supported by COSS founders who have collectively unlocked $18B+ in annual revenue, driven $70B+ in outcomes, captured $150B+ in value, created 45K+ jobs and raised $9B+ in VC.

  • Improved capital efficiency for future COSS companies.

    Empirically, the most successful COSS companies of the last decade raised, on average, $220M in VC before reaching $100M in annual revenues. We believe COSS companies are fundamentally more capital efficient than this. As a result, we aim to reduce this average by 50% or more while producing even greater revenue and business outcomes.

  • 1 Billion people creating OSS.

    By exclusively supporting next-generation COSS founders, we aim to drive the future of COSS as a major lever and enabler toward spawning the next 900+ million software engineers and creators globally towards 1 billion developers on earth. Continued secular growth of OSS will be the fundamental enabler for ultimately reaching 1 Billion software creators.