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Open Source In-Database Machine LearningAGI from First PrinciplesOpen source API development ecosystemCreators of Burn, the leading next-gen deep learning framework in RustMotion design for the webDemocratizing the gaming industry through open sourceCreators of HermesDetect and remediate exploits at scaleHelping deliver and secure the next generation of applications.Make investment research effective, powerful and accessible for everyone.Cloud Databases. Done Right. At Scale.The Cloud Native Application ProxyAI by the people, for the peopleDecentralized + Incentivized AIParallel is a Sci-Fi FranchiseWe empower every organization to build a productive and scalable data platform.A new paradigm for computingA powerful open source framework to build internal toolsNext Generation AIA file explorer from the future.Enterprise readiness made simple!Most popular open source remote access and control platform The Open Source DocuSign AlternativeThe Universal WebAssembly RuntimePrivacy-First Experience ManagementOpen unified platform for the future of workOpen Source DevOps Tech for Data Driven Devs.Democratizing smart spreadsheets on all your dataFind your scene, post what's new, and stay connected.The OS for your personal financesDataStax is the company behind the massively scalable, highly available, cloud-native NoSQL data platform built on Apache Cassandra.Scheduling infrastructure for absolutely everyone. Community for EveryoneAccelerating an open future in scienceA personal server for everyoneOur mission is to enable everyone to achieve more with secure workplace toolsGenerative AI for Industrial CompaniesRemix brings the state of the art in web development without leaving behind the fundamentals.

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