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Open Source is eating software itself faster than software is eating the world.

Three Key Goals

1. Knowledge-transfer from previous to next generation of great COSS founders

Our COSS Equity Partner network helps our portfolio companies benefit from the aggregate wisdom of the previous decades’ 50+ most successful COSS founders who have collectively unlocked $25B+ in annual revenue, driven $100B+ in outcomes, captured $300B+ in company value, created 80K+ jobs and raised $15B+ in VC. Their companies and technologies have created immeasurable trillions more in open source value for the world. Founders of GitHub, MongoDB, Confluent, Red Hat, Cloudera, Grafana, Elastic, HashiCorp, Odoo, JFrog, Neo4j and many more.

2. Radically improve capital efficiency in COSS

The largest COSS companies of the last decade raised more than $300M in VC on average to reach $100M in annual revenue. We believe COSS companies are far more capital efficient than this. Our goal is to impact this number over the coming decade by proving that great COSS companies need only raise 30-50% of capital from the previous frothy era in order to grow into highly profitable public entities.

3. Unleash the Next 1 Billion Open Source Creators

By accelerating the ubiquitous understanding and adoption of COSS startups in every category, we aim to speed knowledge and appreciation of open source fundamentals at the core of every digital product. If we’re successful, we aim to inspire 1B+ humans to participate in and create transformative open source technologies by 2030.


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OSS Capital Partnership and Advisors

Joseph Jacks

Joseph Jacks


Chelsea Wei

Chelsea Wei


Heather Meeker

Heather Meeker

Founding Partner

Sami Kassab

Sami Kassab

Partner: Bittensor

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