#0: Ab initio — Open Motivations

Written by Joseph Jacks on Jun 20, 2018

Firstly, why start a new blog? Easy:

  • In working around commercial open source software (OSS) since 2009, in various contexts: services, products, SaaS, open core, training and many combinations thereof — all anchored primarily with an enterprise-software focused and developer-driven slant, many strong-yet-weakly-held/evolutionary opinions have accrued.
  • 2018 is very clearly a major inflection point year for commercial OSS companies: the largest OSS company acquisition ever just happened (Microsoft buying GitHub for $7.5 billion), right after the largest ever before it, just weeks prior (Salesforce buying MuleSoft for $6.5 billion). I believe even more big deals are waiting in the wings.
  • OSS is by far the most exciting lever + trend for major structural change in technology over the past decade and little has been written about how this works from a data-driven lens: several $X00B+ to $1T+ industries are getting disrupted by OSS (enabled fundamentally by the internet and connectedness — Marc Andreessen aptly describes the internet itself as “the next Silicon Valley”).
  • Mega-industries getting eaten by OSS: finance/payments (Blockchains), cloud computing (Kubernetes), machine learning/AI (TensorFlow), mobile apps (Android), hardware (RISC-V) + many more.
  • The implications of all of these realities make OSS an extremely critical macro-trend that cannot be ignored — at a fundamental level.
  • Unfortunately, over the past couple of years, I’ve noticed a glaringly obvious lack of consensus around “what works” among even the smartest practitioners and experts in this field (specifically, enterprise-focused commercial OSS) across major aspects: basic terminology, business models, data-driven/empirical facts, consequences for traditional methods (go-to-market, product, iteration, etc.), and more.

This blog is a place to share my observations over the past decade working in this field.

Expect one (1) weekly post, 500–1,000 words, aiming for quickly digestible and useful reading.

Each post will have one (1) single salient point/conclusion.

Occasionally, collaborator authors might join in.

Here we go!

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