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Open source is eating software itself much faster than software is eating the world.

Three Key Goals

1. Mass knowledge-transfer from previous generation to next generation of COSS founders

Our COSS Equity Partner network helps our portfolio companies benefit from the aggregate wisdom of the previous decades’ 50+ most successful COSS founders who have collectively unlocked $25B+ in annual revenue, driven $100B+ in outcomes, captured $300B+ in company value, created 80K+ jobs and raised $15B+ in VC. Their companies and technologies have created immeasurable trillions more in open source value for the world.

2. Radically improving COSS company understanding and capital efficiency

The most successful COSS companies of the last decade raised more than $300M in VC to reach $100M in annual revenue. We believe COSS companies are fundamentally far more capital efficient than this. Our goal is to make an impact on this number over the coming decade by proving that to build a large-scale business, the best COSS companies in all categories need only raise 30-50% of capital from the previous frothy era.

3. 1 Billion People Creating Open Source

Through evangelizing the benefits of COSS in every business category, we aim to accelerate global knowledge and appreciation of open source fundamentals at the core of every digital product in existence. If we are successful, we hope to inspire 1B+ humans to participate in and create transformative open source technologies by 2030.


OpenBBW4 GamesRemixRocket.ChatParallelCal.comForemStability AI

We hold the largest and most concentrated portfolio of COSS in the world.

With 50+ COSS founders in the UK, Canada, India, China, Singapore, SF, Silicon Valley, NY and more. We’ve invested in a range of markets including: APIs, Middleware, Gaming, Data Infra, Consumer and Enterprise Apps, Security, DevTools, Front End, Networking, ML/AI and more.

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OSS Capital Partnership and Advisors

Joseph Jacks

Joseph Jacks


Heather Meeker

Heather Meeker

General Partner

Scott Williamson

Scott Williamson

Portfolio Partner: Product

Brittany Cadwalader

Brittany Cadwalader

VP of Finance and Compliance

Justin Hoffman

Justin Hoffman

Portfolio Partner: GTM/Sales

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